Frequently Ask Questions.

"Get the Answers You Need: Frequently Asked Questions about us and Our Services"

DIgital ENtrepreneurship Academy (DIENA) is platform where you can learn and explore the digital world of finance and technology. DIENA provides top class education through various courses that are well prepared by experienced top class tutors that are strategic and easy to understand

In our academy, we are focused to provide a reliable education on blockchain with its ecosystem, other emerging word technology and with diena you will be mentored and guided to find your path towards unleashing that will improve your financial excellency and the whole community at large

Blockchain is an underlined technology that operates in decentralised, transparency and secured manner with distributed digital ledger technology, that is used to record transactions across multiple computers. It was originally created for use in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, but has since expanded to be used in a wide range of industries.

The cost of classes at DIENA varies depending on the specific course or program. We offer both free and paid classes, and pricing information is available on our website. note: all the services are available only if the client has an active membership with the academy.

Some of our more advanced classes may require prior knowledge or experience in programming or blockchain development. However, we offer introductory classes that are suitable for beginners with no prior experience.

We do not offer job placement services directly, but we work closely with our students to help them develop the skills and connections they need to succeed in their chosen field. Many of our graduates have gone on to pursue careers in blockchain development, cryptocurrency trading, or other related fields.

We offer a range of support services to help our students succeed, including one-on-one coaching, mentorship programs, and access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and technologists.

You can sign up for classes at DIENA on our website. register, pay for membership and browse our course catalog, select the class or program you're interested in, and follow the instructions to enroll.